Cindy K's Elite Dance season starts August 16, 2021.


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Recital Information

Every year, Cindy K's Dance Studio hosts an end of the year recital where all the students get to light up the stage!

Recital Fundraisers

  • Deanan Gourmet Popcorn
  • World's Finest Chocolate

Recital Information

What is Recital?

Recital is our annual show, where the Cindy K’s students get to showcase what they learned this year. 


General Information

Dates: June -2022

Dress Rehearsal Date with Full Make Up, Hair, and Costumes: TBD

Performance Dates: TBD

Award Ceremony: TBD

Location: Santa Fe High School 

Important Information

  1. In order to pick up costumes, your Account Balance must be at $0 and June Tuition must be paid.
  2. Costume pick up times will be announced at a later time. Please help us make the pick up process faster by paying off your account prior to costume pick up.



Recital cost will vary depending on how many classes a student takes. The fees below are based on one student, who takes only a one hour class with only two recital dances: 

  • Recital Fee - $80
  • Costume Fee 1 - $80
  • Costume Fee 2 - $80 
  • Accessories - TBD


Description of the Fees:
Recital Fee: Helps the studio cover the cost of the theater and staff - In return, families are allowed to invite as many guests as they wish to the recital 

Costume Fees - Cover the cost of 2 Performance Costumes 

Accessories - For any additional costumes or accessories 


As a reminder, Recital Fees are non-refundable.



Every class will need different accessories depending on the dance. Here is a list of potential items that you will need: (Accessory Order Forms are available in the office)


  • Rhinestone Earrings (Pierced/Clip) 
  • Rhinestone Necklace
  • Rhinestone Ponytail Holder 
  • Rhinestone Hair Comb 

New Jewelry Sets will automatically be ordered for all first year recital students.



  • Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan Footed 
  • Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan Stirrup 
  • Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan Convertible 
  • Body Wrappers Pink Footed
  • Body Wrappers Pink Convertible Fishnets 



  • Ballet Shoes 
  • Tap Shoes
  • Black Jazz Shoes
  • Tan Jazz Shoes
  • Black/White Adidas High Tops 
  • Foot Paws
  • Turners Lyrical Shoe 


Other Accessories 

  • Black Cami Top 
  • Black Competition Shorts 
  • Black Leggings
  • Flesh Tone Bra
  • Flesh Tone Leotard 


Make Up

  • Foundation
  • Silver Smokey Eye (Silver on the eye lid with a little bit of dark gray in the crease of the eye)
  • Eye Liner
  • False Eyelashes
  • Blush
  • Red Lipstick
  • Nails can be either be clear or French Nails (Up to the discretion of the parents and dancer)


Recital Order

(Recital Order Forms are available in the office)

  • Recital T-Shirt: These are great for your dancer and the entire family. They make for a great cover ups
    over costumes and even to wear after recital for the memories. Sizes available are: Child Small to Adult 3XL Price Range: $20


  • Attendance Trophy: Attendance Trophies are $15. If your dancer has perfect attendance, their trophy will be FREE! In order to be eligible for Perfect Attendance trophy, your dancer must have started class in October and have only one absence that has been made up. 


  • Recital Ads: Recital Ads are a great way to celebrate your dancer. Please go to the office if you would like to see sample recital ads. 

Quarter Page Size Ad - $25 

Half Page Size Ad - $50 

Full Page Size Ad - $100 


  • Recital Programs: Programs will be on pre-sale for $3. They will cost $5 at the door.


Specialty Awards & Productions

  • 5 Year Production 

Every year, Cindy K’s invites students, who have danced at the studio for 5 or more years, to perform in the recital opening number. We honor these students when they reach their 5 Year, 10 Year, and 15 Year Milestones. 


  • Finale Closing Production 

Finale has over 60 students involved every year to end recital on a high note. We are so proud of all the hard work our students put in for our closing number. 


  • Most Improved Solos & Awards 

On Sunday,  there will be an Awards Ceremony following Finale. Cindy K’s Dance Studio recognizes the improvement and growth in our students. At the end of the previous recital, we name our Most Improved recipients, who will perform their solos at the next recital. We also name Outstanding Star Students and Students of the Month, picked by their teachers throughout the year. 


Congratulations dancers on another fabulous recital! We have heard wonderful things, and we are so proud of all the great work that you have put in!

Contact Us!

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Cell Phone: 832-517-4855
Studio Phone: 281-487-4551

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